The Visionary Process

At Visionary Funder, Inc. we provide a customized blueprint for crowdfunding success for our clients. The goal of our Visionary Process is to assure that each project is successful, beginning with assembling the strongest team for the project and assuring a project-consultant match.

  1. Fact Gathering
    Simply complete the CrowdFund Application. Submit your Application along with the $50 Application Fee and schedule a Project Assessment.
  2. Project Assessment
    Once you have submitted your CrowdFund Application a Visionary Strategist will contact you via your preferred form of contact to set  up a fifteen minute Project Assessment.
  3. Project Review
    After the Project Assessment our team will perform a Project Review. Please allow five business day for this process.
  4. Project Evaluation 
    Once your Project is accepted your Visionary Strategist will guide you through the Project Evaluation and provide you with a Project BluePrint, which outlines the Crowdfund Strategy in detail, tailor made for your Project. This is a 30 day process. This Project BluePrint is a is our strategic crowdfund marketing roadmap which utilizing 21st century funding and marketing technics. You can try to execute this program yourself, hire someone else to attempt execution   or continue to work with your Visionary Strategist expert.
  5. Project Success Cycle
    CrowdFund Campaign! This process is individual crafted for each Project.

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