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In order to create a community renaissance worldwide we need your help!  Being a supporter means you’ll have an opportunity to participate in projects that make a difference around the world.  Some of these projects will produce income for you as a supporter and some will be an amazing way to give back.

As a supporter you will receive emails or tweets from time to time sharing with you some of the awesome ideas and concepts that are changing the world.  Some of them are personally sponsored by Visionary Funder; others will just be great projects that we believe should get your attention.   The goal is to continue to keep this concept going because we can now truly make a difference.

Because we believe in the concept of paying it forward, Supporters of our campaigns can rest assure every campaign we back will commit to allocating a portion of what they raise to those still to come.

So come join us in creating measurable change through economic development by democratizing finance around the world. Let’s make a difference!!!

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