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Creating A Community Renaissance

Our founders took a look at this incredible landscape of crowdfunding, and found there were over 500 different platforms, as well as tons of other strategies that are needed to have a successful fundraising campaign.  And we recognized that people would be excited about crowdfunding, however, they may decide that because of all the work involved, it might not be something they would want to undertake and maybe miss an opportunity to make a difference on this planet.  So we decided that we would facilitate getting these ideas to the forefront by doing the work required to create a successful campaign while our client works on their projects (passions).

Our team has over 60 years combined experience in the areas of financial solutions, real estate, internet marketing, sales, project management, web presence, and social media.  With these skills sets and the use of 21st century techniques, technologies and strategies as well as the art of collaboration we assist our clients in creating or continuing their passion.

Whether it’s fundraising, market penetration or market validation, our goal and mission is to make sure that every project reaches its campaign target. We want you to be the next success story!!!

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